Monday, December 18, 2006

Morning haiku

From an exchange with Becky this morning, in which she informed me that part of my Christmas present will be arriving at her house this morning:

Please do not tempt me
I will steal your US Mail
That's just how I roll.


Anonymous said...

lame you are so lame!

Adam said...

Why is he lame?

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

lame, but funny

Adam said...

Wait, is it the teachers calling Jay lame for writing poetry or for stealing US mail? I just wanna make sure I got it straight. =P

Adam said...

I say, good job Jay, nice haiku.

The Jay said...

Thank you, Mr. Wall.
I see you share my interests:
Smack talk and rhyming.

adam said...

Better if combined.

Teacher, teacher,
rhyme will bring me fame

I think not,
you're lame, lame, lame

edluv said...

but can you deliver a teacher insulting haiku?

hilarious jay
your spelling is attrocious
check your own skills teach

Anonymous said...

Point of order here:

Ed, are you saying my spelling is atrocious?

If you are, I'm going to take offense,

Adam said...

OH snap! Unless Ed's spelling of attrocious was a play on words, Becky just smack him down! Ouch.

edluv said...

point of order response: yes. i inadvertently misspelled atrocious, while capping on you.

but, i also think it's pretty funny that adam, in commenting on your comment, got pretty loose with his grammar, "Becky just smack him down!"

i assume that should have been in the past tense. or, proper comma usage would make it an imperative.

good fun.

Fishy said...

wow, all of that was just... wow! i don't know how else to describe my friends. after reading these, it just further proves my point that i am the ugly duckling amongst a flock of geese. i could not remember the proper format for a haiku, or much other poetry for that matter, nor would i have realized that ed had mispelled a word, in fact there is a good chance that i whave already or will mispell(two s's or what) a word before i am done here. all i am saying is that if people just looked at our blogs, nobody would think i belong, or would be able to hang out with such a fine group of intellects as yourselves. this does not however effect how much i love all of you guys. merry christmas and happy holidays.

p.s. gotcha i know it's swans not geese you silly gooses.

adam said...

Look at this dude. He comes over to my blog and calls me a liar and a phony but gets over here and goes all mushy and self-deprecating. But to cap it all off, throws in some goose wit at the end just to prove how not dumb he is. You're a tricky one Fishy. Veeeeerry tricky.

adam said...

Oh and Ed, I saw my mistake after I published, but I was too lazy to delete and start over.