Friday, December 15, 2006

Across the Wire

My favorite band

Did a few concerts to benefit Humane Borders.

Really complicated issue. I think I think these guys are doing the right thing. Anyone think different?


edluv said...

you're right. the band is doing the right thing by playing music.

ha ha

as one who thinks we should treat others humanely, i also think it's fine that they put water and such for those out there. they aren't encouraging law breaking or what not, but living with the reality and trying to save the lives making this dangerous journey.

Monticore said...

No one should have to die of heat or exposure even if they are law breakers. Even our convicted criminal s receive better treatment.

adam said...

I also agree with leaving water in remote areas for those in need.

Justin said...

It interesting, I heard a story on NPR, I think on This American Life, where they spent a night with the crazy Minuteman border vigilantes. They were insinuating that the people out placing water and warning about Minuteman presence are human trafficers.

I was excited to hear that the Minutemen are plagued every night and have to cancel a lot of there outings because these other groups follow them around flashing lights and blaring music so that everyne knows where they are.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

While I haven't seen the movie because I can't find a place to rent it, I think you all would be interested in the documentary Crossing Arizona. I've heard it's fantastic and it paints a humanizing portrait of those who cross the border. Plus, it stars everybody's favorite "The Minutemen."

If anyone else likes movies on immigration I recommend La Ciudad. Very good.