Friday, February 06, 2009

Midday amusement

I find myself home in the middle of the day today. I threw the dog in the truck and took him to Office Depot. While making a phone call from there, an ambulance and a few cop cars came by, code 3 (lights and sirens), and the dog sang along. It is the most adorable thing. He put his head as close to mine as he could, and we both howled until we couldn't hear the sirens any more.

I'm home again now, after a quick trip to see Becky at work. It's a great day outside, and I was working outside from 8-noon, so I got my share of warmth before this weekend's coming storm.

I have the History Channel playing, showing the military history of the Bible. It's crazy good. But better than that is this video of the Rockafire Explosion (yes, the Chuck-E-Cheese cyberband) performing a great song by The Arcade Fire. There are also videos of them performing Lil Wayne and others, but the cinematography on this is surreal.


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