Monday, August 14, 2006

August is cooking!

So my buddy Dave is around and we're having fun in Cañon until he has to get back to Iraq.

We went camping at Elevenmile, and it was spectacular.
There was some rain, a collapsed tent, a few bugs and a fishing derby that yielded all of four fish, but we had fun. And we had crawdads.

Here's a video of Becky catching a Northern Pike (Esox lucius), which is a non-native pesky species that out-competes the trout, and we'd rather have the trout around, so the pike are not liked.

The ranger who came by told us that if we weren't going to eat the pike, "just throw them in the trash." Fun.

Yesterday we played some volleyball, drank some beer, threw horseshoes, and the like.

Today is Becky's first day with the high-school kids at Garden Park High School. She's registering them for classes. Wish her well, folks!

August is busy busy! I think Becky said that Tim is going to be around this week? Also, Justin is going to be around later! All right!

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