Friday, July 28, 2006

I don't know what's going on

This is near my house, and it looks like it's coming from an area where there's a big big cement plant. In the dark, the cement plant has a tower and all kinds of lights, so it looks like a space shuttle launch site, so that's what we tell people it is.

Anyway, we don't know what's going on so I thought I'd take a picture.

Edit: I fixed the pic. Word around here is that the cement plant uses burning tires to fuel their process (ew!) and their stockpile of tires is burning. Mmmm... healthy.


Adam said...

Maybe it's just my browser, but the picture is done broke.

timidvenus said...

well, i they are burning something, whether its tires or not, im not sure, but my bet is that something is on fire.

Adam said...

Wouldn't the smoke be darker, near black, if it was rubber?

The Jay said...

It turns out that it was the tire pile that they use for fuel at the cement plant. My buddy said they have some kind of special permit to use tires for fuel.
But it was an accidental fire.