Monday, July 24, 2006

Great Weekend

Actually, these pictures were just taken yesterday (Sunday). Becky and I had a full day, from an old-time gospel hootenanny with the Fiddlers on the Arkansas to fishing at the Pueblo Reservoir.
It was a full day and a good one.

Pueblo reservoir -- a pretty nice place to hang out, throw a line in the water, and watch the sun go down.

Suddenly, Becky's pole started leaving the shore. So she picked it up and hauled in this monster. I measured it this morning and it's about 16" long.


bstigs said...

you forgot that I went to look in the truck for another bobber and when I went back I said, "where's my pole going?!" not knowing that I hooked a fish.

So there it is when I don't know I have a fish I get one....hahahaha now we just have to figure out what exactly it is

edluv said...


Adam said...

Where is the picture of the fish out of the net with Becky holding it up by the gills all proud and whatnot? C'mon Becky.

The Jay said...

Ed: Uh-uh. I thought catfish at first, but I've been looking at pictures of Channel Cat and Blue Catfish (the two kinds that are known to be in the reservoir) and it's neither.
I think it's yellow perch, or some kind of perch cross-breed. I asked lots of people and someone though it was shad, in which case I am NOT eating it. But I heard that perch is good eats, so I'm hoping it's that.
Adam: Becky don't wanna touchit [insert yet more jokes here].

Here's the CO State woldlife page with the fish pics on it:

I'll try to make a hyperlink:
Here's the page.

bstigs said...

I couldn't get to the gloves quick enough...even then I just don't think right now I'll touch it. But I did examine it in the cooler and I will be eating it when we cook it up.

baby steps adam baby steps

edluv said...

if it's yellow perch, it doesn't look much like the pic. something about the hanging stuff around the mouth.

is shad not good eating?

edluv said...

but, the dorsal fins seem like the perch on the page.

is the skin scaly or not? you know, catfish are sorta one piece suits.

The Jay said...

Yeah, the fact that catfish have smooth green skin and a flat, horizontal mouth makes me think that this isn't a catfish.

There's something called a "wiper" around here, and Matt thinks that is what it is, but I just looked it up and the mouth looks different (not to mention the presence of the whiskers).

I got a recipe for cooking shad: you take a cedar plank, pin the fish down, roast at 350 for 10 minutes, then remove the fish and eat the plank. I think that means that shad isn't very good eating.

So it's still a mystery fish.