Sunday, July 02, 2006

gone fishin'

Becky and I spent hours on the river yesterday. It was great. We spent time with a family of Bighorn Sheep. The dog did about ten reps of "jump from the rock and swim to shore." He almost got swept downstream to a Homeward Bound adventure, but instead he just learned an important lesson about how current works. We drank beers at Whitewater Bar and Grill. We listened to a Rockies game, but Becky didn't care. Becky took a nap while a summer thunderstorm blasted and boomed through. We each caught a little "pan-size" brown trout. Nothing like the size of Becky's fish at Elevenmile, but at least she got to say her trademark line, "I think I got one!" That's a lot of fun.
I am very happy these days.


timidvenus said...

well then, im happy too.

i wouldnt mind though if you guys were happy a little closer to bakersfield.


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I believe that happiness can also be found in South Carolina. The two of you should come be happy here!

Adam said...

I think you should all be happy where you are and when I have enough money, I'll use you as vacation destinations.

edluv said...

did you ask her your trademark line, "do you want to touch it?"