Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hardcore Nesting

So here's what's up.

Since Becky's on bed rest,

It's really important that I keep my employers happy. Right now I'm building a metal structure to get plastered for a kiva-style fireplace. Also, I've been building a lot of arches for the interior this house. I should make a video or something when the house is finished. It's a gorgeous place.

Also, we had a baby shower last weekend. The girls did... I don't know.. something. Guys, we played poker. Diapers as cover charge, $20 buy-in. Lots of good friends, lots of swearing, spirits, sports, snuff (not the movie kind), and even a cake.

We got new carpet today. If anyone has been to our place, the carpet was terrible. My mom reps US Floors, so she got me a good deal (for the price of "on the house") and she covered the installation. With moving things out, cleaning them, and back in, the place seems a lot nicer. I guess the poker room transformation to a nursery helps too. It really feels like civilized people live here now. ... growing up... it's an adventure.

We also got my record collection out. I have some greats in there. My favorite is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

The baby could come any day. It looks like Becky's belly has "dropped," which means the baby is getting into position for some squeezin' and a-pushin'. I might be missing a little work here soon.

Our doula is meeting with us on Monday night. She's really reassuring and comforting. The feeling of knowing someone else will be there to help us keep our heads and our birth plan intact is a great comfort. Anyone who's pregnant-- check craigslist. That's where we found Emily, and it's been great. Also, craigslist has saved us so much money in getting ready for the baby. Really, the only thing we needed to get new was a breast pump. A lot of the rest has been hand-me-downs or craigslist. Some new stuff, but mostly used. We love it.

What else? I just finished a paper that has been hanging over me for a while. In January, I took an accelerated class on negotiations and conflict management in public administration. It was really cool, and the prof was great. But there's a paper that's worth like 40% of the grade, and that's due in May. Unreal. Like I'm supposed to work on it from Jan to May? I set it up for myself that I would have it done by Evie's arrival, and since that's pending (Becky just had a cramp, but no tightening of the fundus, so ... not yet?...), I thought I had better get that finished. I have it done now, except for some final editing. I'd upload it, but it's about negotiation tactics in the Colorado River Compact Commission of 1922, so if you're interested in how the arguing was done for an agreement signed (sort of) in 1922, just email me. I'll just tell you that W. S. Norviel, the delegate from Arizona is an ass! There, I saved you 10-15 minutes of reading.

No zombie news, but we do have the bug-out bag updated and still waiting by the door. Do you?

Oh, we made a video of Evie moving while I played her favorite song, "Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters. I don't know nothin bout singin no falsetto, so you might want to turn down your speakers.

That's about it! Any day now, you should be getting a baby announcement! It's the most important thing in our lives.

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Mrs Lefty said...

That is just so cool how she is moving all around while you sing