Friday, August 10, 2007

What's gaelic for stoked?

I am officially very excited for this weekend. Most who read this know that I've entered in a highland games competition this weekend. I have been lifting weights, running, practicing a little caber toss (broken two giant logs that I got a hold of), and trying to keep my weight under the limit of the class that I've entered in.

Last night I dreamed that I was talking with Kevin McKidd, who was advising me on proper ways to train for the games. I didn't know that I knew he was Scottish. I still don't know what he knows about the highland games, but it's probably more than I know.

So this weekend, Becky and I will be going to Highlands Ranch (it's a town near Denver) (and I know, "Highlands Ranch" is a perfect name for my only interaction with this place) on saturday, checking into the hotel, and participating in a céilidh (Scottish-style party) that night, and then we'll go to the festival and check in to the games.

I imagine the procedure will be like what I remember from throwing in Jr. High through college, but still I'm nervous. I don't want to look like an idiot. I'm sure I'll do something dumb, but I've never been dumb in a kilt before, so I imagine that'll be a new experience. All in all, I'm really happy for this experience. I finally got a reason to buy a kilt in my family's tartan, and I have to say I dig it.

But there are SO many kilt accessories!

I still don't have a sgian dubh, but I have a few nice pocketknives and I can always throw a utility knife in my sock if it's an absolute requirement.

Anyway, thanks for reading, wish me well, and thanks to Becky for tolerating my latest obsession!


Adam said...

Too bad you can't ride your longboard to the competition. But you can brag about renovating your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the sourdough!

Good Luck Jay! I'm proud of you for trying this out without really knowing what you are getting into. It will sure be a weekend to remember!

edluv said...

i definitely think the utility knife is the way to go.

btw, you'll do well. just run a few sprints before competition. i know, you hate that advice. or at least you hated it then. but it's a good idea. gets the juices flowing, stops the lactic acid from settling (i think).

and my tartan is better than yours. did you know that my clan has a ton of different tartans? it's because we're classy byatches.

kendalljean said...

That is so cool! Good luck- regardless of the outcome I am sure you will both have a blast!

What's gaelic for "I'm totally jealous?"