Wednesday, December 06, 2006

roll to every station, murder the DJ

Is anyone else just crazy excited to get the Nas album?

I really dig a lot of his stuff, so I'll probably get the new album next week. Maybe I should hire 20 homeless guys to stand in line for me...

It's just too bad that we can't pick up any decent selection of Hip Hop in Canon... Gotta love the internet, though.

I got Becky's present today and I want her to know it. I'm going to hide it at her place and she won't know where it is, but it will drive her crazy trying to find it.

what? Becky reads this?



Monticore said...

I'm more of a Mrs. Nas (Kelis) fan. Oh and I guess I'm as dumb as a dinosaur because I totally didn't get the joke. Does it have something to do with the Free Masons or the Illuminate'?

The Jay said...

I just like that cartoon because the dinosaurs are so goofy. Whoops! ... and I think of that cartoon whenever someone says whoops anymore.

You did see that the apatosaurus-looking one is knocking over the Tree of Knowledge in the last frame, right?


And the others are laughing about it. I'm just very amused by thinking that dinosaurs were we todd did.

Monticore said...

Okay, then I got the joke. I thought maybe there was something deeper then the obvious "funny"