Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hi everyone. I haven't been at my desk much recently because I've been taking houses apart. This is as good a time as any to explain/clarify what I do for a living.

We build custom houses for people at our plant, and then we take them apart and ship them to places where the houses are supposed to be.

It's more expensive to do it this way, but we're living and building in a lower cost-of-living area and shipping them to places where it's more expensive to get things done.

The cost of taking the houses apart (into "boxes," "modules," whatever) and the cost of shipping the houses to where they will stay for the rest of their lives makes the houses more expensive than they would be if we built them here and left them here, but ideally the labor savings we get from building where we are balance out the costs of over-engineering and shipping the houses.

That was a poor explanation. Go to my company's website if you really want to know what I do other than "construction."

Anyway, I've been taking houses apart and getting them ready for shipping for the last 3 weeks. My camera broke into a million pieces so I don't have any pictures and I am pissed about that.

Those pictures were from old projects.

Well, I have to get back to work, so there's your post. I'll post more once work calms down a little.


bstigs said...

thanks for the explanation...I FINALLY understand. hahahahahaha

edluv said...

now if someone can just explain what president bush does.

Adam said...

I believe the technical term is jack shit.

Adam said...

Oh, and Jay, bummer about the camera. My condolences.

The Jay said...

Thanks for the condolences. I abused that camera for about 7 months before it became too unbearable, but I guess that's about as long as you can expect a gadget to last these days.

At least I get to get a new one now.

Monticore said...

hey, my blog moved.



edluv said...

oops, that's