Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend for alternative transportation

Becky and I went to Salida this weekend. It's a great little mountain town, full of wonderful hippies and outdoors people.

We went there because Becky wanted to get a cruiser bike. She did, and it's spectacular. Check her blog (probably after she's done with work)-- she'll probably have something about it on there.

While we were there, I finally got the trucks, bearings, and wheels for my longboard.

Last night, Becky rode her bike to my house to help me align the marks, drill the holes, and install the hardware on my board. She rode her bike to pick up dinner and I rode my skateboard up and down the street.

We like to move it move it. Posted by Picasa

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Justin said...

That is some sweet board! I'm a bit jealous. The camber is pretty intense, is that normal or did you really emphasize it?