Monday, June 19, 2006


There was a forest fire last week near a house that I'm almost finished with. --please don't burn, please don't burn-- Anyway, it didn't burn, but the fire was about a mile away. Everything's cool. Gotta love those fire fighters.

So yeah, that's about it for me. Just waiting for Becky and her moving
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Also, I went fishing with my dad over the weekend. South Platte River, at an area near Hartsel. The river wanders through this high meadow and the fishing is reported to be excellent. I couldn't tell you-- I'm such a bad fisherman, I couldn't catch a cold.


kendalljean said...

Glad your place is okay... and I do love those firemen! =)

p.s. You best take good care of Our Becky!

edluv said...

kendall also loves people with accents. especially scottish ones.

kendalljean said...

this is true.

Adam said...