Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm a villain, but I posted a monkey picture

In the quiz, I got to announce my passion for fashion! Wow- It's not every day I get to say something like that. Dig these threads- The Hackman Lex Luthor had panache, no doubt.

Also, I don't hate California. Such a scientifically rigorous test should not have missed the mark on that one. Hm.

If you were a MOVIE VILLIAN, which one would you be!?

Lex Luthor

You are so dangerous and filled with evil that it's hard to imagine the world being able to stop you. You love to talk, and hear yourself talk, and can match wits with anyone. You love living the high life and stepping on the little people, intent on asserting your will on those who oppose. You also hate California.

From the Movie: Superman

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Hello again, everyone! Jay here. Just thought I'd encourage you to check out Dios (Malos) . They have some nice music, from what I've heard on their myspace and their websites.

It's all about the Hamiltons.


timidvenus said...

i got lex too. that sucks.

Justin said...

I turned out to be norman bates...seemingly nice but I'll cut you!!!!

As for coming out to CO, I'm not sure yet. There is a possibility of a trip to Rome and Venice in september, and that might eat up whatever vacation time I can get.

I do have a free ticket on Alaska/America West, so I'm sure we can work something out.

bstigs said...

Patrick Bateman